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Deputy Mayor Chou Visits Xiamen University, Expands Bilateral Ties

Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang paid a visit to Xiamen University on June 14 following her attendance at the 7th Cross-Strait Forum. During a meeting with Dean Hong Yong-miao from the School of Economics, the two explored possibilities and exchanged opinions on bilateral academic cooperation.

Touting the scale and resources of the School of Economics, Hong noted that the institution has secured a prominent status in Xiamen University over the years.

Chou pointed out that Xiamen University and National Chengchi University (NCCU) have strengthened ties through exchange programs during her stint as professor of finance at NCCU. Xiamen University has been actively inviting top-notch educators from the US, Europe, and Australia to visit the institution, as well as holding high-level international forums and seminars.

With Mayor Ko Wen-je’s emphasis on the revitalization of senior high and vocational schools and cooperation between the industry and academia, she looks forward to furthering ties between Taipei and Xiamen through the meeting.

In addition to academic collaboration, the deputy mayor and faculty from the School of Economics also exchanged views on issues spanning youth entrepreneurship to bilateral trade. Noting that Taipei has signed a letter of intent with Academia Sinica on the development of biotech industry cluster, she hopes her trip to Xiamen University will produce positive results for Taipei’s administrative work.