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Four Northern Municipalities Join Hands to Upgrade Taipei FunPASS

The mayors of the four northern municipalities at the Taipei FunPASS press conferenceOn July 20, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the press conference announcing the upgrade to Taipei FunPASS. The new and improved packages now offer convenient access to tourist attractions across Keelung, Taipei, New Taipei, and Taoyuan. 


During his address, Chiang pointed out that the Taipei FunPASS was first introduced in 2017, winning wide public acclaim. He is especially thankful to Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-cheng for bringing his city onboard, allowing the number of tourist attractions accessible for pass holders to grow from 22 to 30. Some of these new destinations include Window on World Theme Park, Pushin Ranch, and XPark. 


Mayor Chiang admitted that he is quite pleased to see the new additions, because he wants to take this opportunity to bring his family on a family trip. He jokingly reminded the press that if they see a man outfitted with a baby carrier sling at any of the aforementioned locations, that is probably him. 


The mayor also mentioned that since its introduction in early July, the NT$1,200 Megacity Pass have already sold 409,000 copies. The card has already been used 14 million times on the public transportation network. The city government expects another wave of purchases by the time school starts.  


He hopes that in the future, people would use Megacity Pass and Taipei FunPASS for embarking on trips during the vacation to explore hidden corners across the northern municipalities. The mayor also mentioned that Taoyuan City will hold the 2023 Hakka Expo in August and encourages the public to stop by the event.


Chiang also took the opportunity to promote some of the activities taking place in Taipei, including the Dadaocheng Summer Festival, Taipei Water Festival, Tianmu Beer Festival, and the three art-related festivals (Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei Children’s Art Festival, and Taipei Fringe Festival).