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URS to Suspend Business during CNY Holiday

The Department of Urban Development (UDD) announced that the city’s urban regeneration stations (URS) will be closed during the Chinese New Year starting February 18.
According to Urban Regeneration Office (URO), the City has established eight bases under URS Village to breathe life into communities by offering a platform for a variety of events that encourage creative thinking and open participation. Upholding the spirit of “Soft Urbanism,” the agency seeks to transform Taipei into a dynamic, forward-looking metropolis.
The eight venues include URS23 Tianmu White House, URS27 Huashan Grand Green, URS27W Film Range, URS44 Dadaocheng Story House, URS155 Cooking Together, URS329 Rice & Shine, URS27M Mountain Forum, and URS127 Art Factory.
Apart from URS27 Huashan Grand Green, a public open space, the other seven URS venues will close for the New Year and resume business on February 24.
To learn more about the URS Village or upcoming and past events, please visit http://www.urstaipei.net/en/