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Mayor, 100 Occupational Safety Workers Vow to Uphold Occupation Safety and Health

* In commending units and personnel with exceptional performance in promoting occupational safety and health, the Department of Labor (DOL) held the Taipei City Labor Safety Award Commendation Ceremony this morning (May 29) in the ground floor lobby of Taipei City Hall. Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the function to present the awards in appreciation of the dedicated units and their labor that have helped to promote occupational safety and health.

For the labor safety award, a total of 19 outstanding organizations, including 9 organizations with excellent healthy workplaces, 5 organizations with excellent performance in issuing occupational safety cards, and 20 outstanding persons were selected, while 6 persons received the work safety creative award and one person received the special contribution award.

Among the award recipients, Chien Kuo Construction Co. Ltd. demonstrated remarkable achievement by winning 5 out of 6 awards; in particular, the company's security control system features high-tech facial recognition and tripod turnstiles to manage people entering and exiting the building. Furthermore, the CCTV system linked to a smartphone app to enable monitoring the construction site in real time in order to prevent accidents has received favorable reviews from the judges.

Mayor Ko thanked the recipients for their contributions towards occupational safety and health, and it is hoped that they will continue supporting the City's policies to further advance safety and health in Taipei’s work environments. He also appealed to them to keep on committing to the cause in an effort to improve work environments and occupational safety and health in Taipei City.

Taipei City is lined with skyscrapers, and in order to maintain and clean the plumbing and firefighting equipment on elevated lobbies or to paint the ceiling, workers often take shortcuts by utilizing folding ladders over 2m long without wearing the proper hard hats or harnesses. As a result, occupational hazards in the form of fall injuries and fatalities occur frequently. At the award ceremony today (May 29), Mayor Ko, Commissioner of the DOL Lai Hsiang-ling, Occupation Safety and Health Administration of Ministry of Labor Director General Tsou Tzu-lien, and Taipei City Labor Inspection Office Director Chiang Ming-chih all boarded the elevating work platform wearing hard hats and harnesses to reveal Taipei City Government's 2019 proclamation in upholding occupational health and safety – "Creating Livable, Sustainable Taipei City to Materialize the New Future of Zero Occupational Disaster" – together with nearly 100 occupational safety and health workers, demonstrating their resolve in building a healthy, safe working environment for laborers.