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Happy Birthday MRT! Special Raffle Takes Place March 24 – April 30

 Event posterTaipei’s MRT will be celebrating its 27th birthday on March 28. To mark the special occasion, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) will be joining hands with Far EasTone Telecomm to commemorate the occasion with a special “Turn it Again” raffle for Metro Taipei app members.


Between March 24 and April 30, members will have a chance to spend 1 NTD to bring home great prizes ranging from a night’s stay at Beitou Resort to a special edition MRT train EasyCard. Furthermore, birthday boys and girls participating in the March birthday party will have a chance to win brand new AirPods!


To take part in the special raffle, simply open up the Metro Taipei App and click on the “Turn it Again” raffle banner in the members’ service page. For raffle winners, the list of prizes possible for 1 NT purchase includes merchandise such as 100 hotel vouchers for the Beitou Resort and 10 sets of MRT 90-days Trip Train EasyCard, as well as 1,000 sets of coupons to purchase one day pass at either 50% or 70% discount.


Starting at 2 PM on March 28, TRTC will hold the MRT Birthday Party at Taipei Railway Station, inviting members with birthday in March to join the revelries. The first one hundred individuals to sign up via the Metro Taipei app can download a free afternoon tea coupon, as well as a random gift such as COCODOR scent diffuser, Kao steam eye mask, and DAYA portable batteries, as well as coffee machine, wet tissues, cleaning solution, and more!


The “Turn it Again” raffle event on the Metro Taipei APP will also offer random deals on hot selling products and other goods. Fore more information, please call the 24-hour customer hotline of TRTC (02-218-12345) or visit the Chinese website of TRTC (https://www.metro.taipei/).