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Taipei Zoo Holds New Year’s Raffle

Taipei Zoo is one of the best places for family to visit during the Chinese New Year holiday and winter vacation. As an ambassador of conservation, Yuan Zai the panda is inviting everyone to participate in a raffle held by Taipei Zoo. By taking a photograph with goat elements and upload it to the activity website between February 16 and March 8, participatns have a chance to win goat-themed souvenirs!
Organizer: Taipei Zoo
Steps to enter the raffle:
1. Take a photograph with animals, vegetables, objects, words, or specimen that bear the Chinese character “羊(goat)” inside Taipei Zoo.
2. Visit the Chinese website http://fv38.com/97514, log in with your Facebook account, and follow the instructions to upload the photograph.
3. Share the raffle activity with friends on Facebook.
4. Follow the instructions to fill in the information of your name, gender, age, E-mail, phone number, postal codes, and address.
5. Click the “Enter raffle” icon and winners will receive a special gift.
Photo upload period: From February 16 (Monday 9:00 AM) to March 8 (Sunday 5:00 PM)
Draw date: March 9 (Monday)
Draw results announcement date: March 18 (Wednesday)