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Subsidizes Available for Overhaul of Old Building’s Outer Wall Surface

Workers repairing damaged building wall surfacesIn recent years, there have been occasional reports of people being injured or parked vehicles being damaged due to fallen wall tiles. Not only are owners of properties or community management committees responsible for reparations, some of these cases have escalated into criminal law suits. To minimize such hazards, owners should do their best to maintain the outer walls of their buildings.
As a way to encourage owners to proactively perform upkeep for the outer walls of their properties, the city government offers subsidies in accordance with the Guidelines on Taipei City Maintenance and Subsidy Applications for Outer Wall Surfaces of Old Buildings. It has approved subsidies for 357 buildings since 2015, offering reimbursements for out-of-pocket expense up to a maximum of NT$100,000 per case.
For edifices 10 years or older, applications are accepted on the basis of individual building. The cap on reimbursements is NT$100,000. The application requires either the consensus of over 50-percent of building residents or needs to be submitted by the building’s management committee.
The subsidy is not available for a building owned by a single individual.
The application process is divided into two phases – “before overhaul” and “completion.” During the initial phase, the applicant should provide photos of the building wall’s current status and consensus documents in the application which is submitted to the Construction Management Office.
For the completion phase, applicants have to turn in receipts, warranty documents, and photos of the completed works.
To learn more about the policy, please visit the Chinese of website of the agency (https://dba.gov.taipei/).