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Food Safety Commission Goes into Full Swing

Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the first meeting of the Food Safety Commission on March 16. He pledges to spearhead City efforts in addressing food safety issues and expel public worries.
Stressing the high level of professionalism of the commission, Ko noted that the members hail from backgrounds spanning food science, hospitality management, analytical chemistry, toxicology, medicine, chemistry, to food industry.
The agenda of the meeting included a strategic plan outlining the purpose of the commission; progress report on the implementation of a transparent food safety system; enforcement of regulations on used cooking oil recycling; and school lunch provision SOP.
The meeting also dwelt upon the proposed Food Safety Self-governance Ordinance of Taipei and the introduction of a hygiene rating system governing the sale of food and drinks for industry players. Ko reckoned that the City will work on establishing a set of reasonable standards to be imposed on businesses.
Ko added that consultation with Food and Drug Administration will be preferable before any food safety rules are implemented, to ensure uniform standards to be adopted by both the city and the central governments.