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Taipei Smart Bus Stop Sign Wins Government Service Award

Taipei's solar-powered smart bus stand signTaipei’s solar-powered smart bus stop sign has won the Fifth Government Service Award! The award is organized by the National Development Council, and the winners are chosen by a panel of experts from the fields of academia, industry, and research and development. Taipei’s project emerged from a pool of 133 contending submissions.


These smart bus stop signs, each equipped with electronic paper display and solar power panel, have been deployed by the Public Transportation Office (PTO) starting in 2020. The innovative solution addresses the power supply issue which hampers the installation of more traditional smart bus signs – especially for bus stops at remote areas of the city. 


Thanks to an innovative design, the smart bus stop sign boasts advantages such as no need for power lines, as well as incorporated mechanisms for conserving and storing electricity. It is also easy to maintain and fast to deploy, as well as being able to accept modular customization to fit with other devices such as street lights, electric poles, and traffic signals. 


Currently, a total 2,719 smart bus stop signs have been deployed across the city, achieving a penetration rate of over 80-percent.


PTO remarked that it will continue to adopt new innovations and strengthen cross-domain partnership to improve the quality of public transportation services through the integration of modern technology with its expertise in traffic management. The ultimate goal of the agency is to help Taipei City achieve its vision of becoming a low carbon emission and sustainable transportation city.