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Refurbishment of Grass Mountain Royal Guest House Begins

The ceremony marking the start of works for overhauling Grass Mountain Royal Guest HouseOn March 9, Mayor Chiang Wan-an presided over the ceremony marking the start of works to overhaul the Grass Mountain Royal Guest House. He expressed his gratitude to architects Lee Chien-lang and Hsu Yu-chien for participating in the repair of the historical building and to the central government for its support of the project. He welcomed the public to visit the chateau upon project completion in 2026.  


During his address, Chiang remarked that the purpose for constructing the Grass Mountain Royal Guest House in 1923 was for then-Crown Prince Hirohito’s visit to the island. The building later became the official residence of former Examination Yuan president Sun Fo. In 1998, the guest house was declared a historical monument by the city government. 


In addition to natural deterioration over the years, the building also suffered structural damages during the 921 Earthquake in 1999. Fortunately, the City’s renovation project secured the support of the central government and the help of the two renowned architects. The experts integrated traditional building methods – commonly seen in the construction of Japanese-style wooden structures and roof tiles – with modern techniques to carry out the repair works for the edifice. 


Taipei City is the municipality with the largest number of cultural assets in Taiwan. With over 500 cultural sites and historical buildings, the manpower required for maintenance comes with a hefty price tag. The mayor thanked the central government for its support and hopes that the collaboration will continue in the area of maintenance and repair works for historical monuments. The refurbishment of the Grass Mountain Guest House is only the first step of the partnership, with more projects to follow in the future.


The mayor pointed out that hot spring is one of the special features of Yangmingshan. Citing the three major hot springs of Japan, Chiang explained that the mountain’s rich hot spring resource has become an important aspect of local culture. He believes that the area has the potential to become Taipei’s hot spring town, allowing citizens to enjoy the unique Grass Mountain hot spring culture without having to travel far. 


At the end of his address, the mayor expressed his hope to experience the overhauled Grass Mountain Guest House with citizens in 2026.