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“Concentrated” Vaccination Drive Targets Kids 5 and Older in Taipei

Deputy Mayor Huang and Commissioner Tseng at the vaccination site for kidsTo boost the immunity system of students across the schools of Taipei City, the authority began administrating kid’s Moderna on May 5. The delivery of kid’s Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT) vaccine kicked off at school campuses across the city on May 28.
The city government plans to carry out a concentrated vaccination drive targeting young kids starting May 28. Under the plan, it will go around the city to set up one-day mass vaccination station offering BNT kid’s vaccine at each of the 12 districts starting May 28. The objective is to inoculate 9,231 kindergarteners to better protect younger kids while stalling the spread of COVID-19 across kindergartens. In addition to these one-day mass vaccination station for kids, parents can still book shots for children via the Taipei City Vaccination Booking Platform.
Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan and Education Commissioner Tseng Tsan-chin visited the vaccination station at Jiankang Elementary School to inspect the progress of inoculating young children. As of May 27, the city government received the survey responses from 565 kindergartens on the interest in having children between 5 and 6 years old inoculated with BNT vaccine. The parents of 9,231 kids said yes – which is roughly 45% of the 20,000 students enrolled in Taipei’s private and public kindergartens.
The staffing support for the vaccination station at Jiankang Elementary School comes from Tri-service General Hospital Songshan Branch. The institution also drafted the plans for the vaccination schedule and line flow, as well as setting up the registration zone, evaluation zone, inoculation zone, and observation zone. There is also an emergency response area, where medical staff are ready to handle kids with serious side-effects after their shot.
The Department of Education reminds parents that only one adult is allowed to accompany the child during vaccination. The accompanying adult must also provide documentation indicating that he or she has received two vaccine shots over 14 days ago. There is no need to produce negative result from rapid test or PCR test. Make sure the kid has enough sleep and ate some food before coming for the shot. If the child shows any discomfort after the shot, remember to apply for vaccination leave for the kid.