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Residents Welcome to Sign up for Late Night Rides on Self-driving Buses

Map of the separate zones for autonomous bus rides along Xinyi RoadEver wondered about what it’s like to travel on driverless buses? Here’s your chance to sign up for a trip on such futuristic buses! Test rides will be available starting September 30!
Taipei City Government is working with the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Turing Driving Company to conduct road tests involving autonomous buses as a possible solution to manpower shortages for late night public transportation. After 7 months of preparations, the autonomous buses will be tested along selected sections on Xinyi Road during the wee hours on weekdays. Furthermore, rides on the buses will be free of charge during the test period.
According to city hall, rides are available on a preregistration basis, which is open to the public starting today. The autonomous buses will operate on designated bus lanes spanning 8.5 kilometers along Xinyi Road (between Zhongshan South Road intersection and Keelung Road intersection). The entire distance is further divided into 6 zones for the respective rides.
The pilot case involving the autonomous bus received the green light in February of 2020. The entire project is conducted in 3 phases over a one-year period. The second phase of the project – involving road tests without passengers – began in May. The third phase which involves passengers will kick-off on September 30. Feedbacks will serve as important reference for exploring the possibility of using self-driving vehicles for late night public transportation.
Autonomous Bus Ride Preregistration Website: https://jobus.tw/turingdrive-xinyi/
Demo Test Period: 12:30 AM – 2 AM, Monday-Wednesday and Friday
Demo Test Sites/Street Sections: 6 sections along Xinyi Road