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DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for September 15

Overview of schools and people affected by the kindergarten COVID case.A total of 1 confirmed COVID-19 case was reported for Taipei City on September 15. The individual arrived from France and was tested positive during screening while in quarantine.
The DOH also reported that classes were cancelled for 5 kindergartens and 4 elementary schools in Taipei as a preventative measure. A total of 1,229 individuals have also ben placed under home isolation.
Among these, the first level contacts (219 students and faculty) and second level contacts (1,010 family members living with individuals under first level contacts) have all tested negative. While all of the aforementioned students and faulty have returned to work and school, they are instructed to continue implementing personal health and hygiene management. Another 116 individuals have been listed due to workplace interaction and overlapping contact records with the COVID patient. They have been screened and all tests returned negative.
Regarding Case 16213 of Taoyuan City whose contact record indicated presence at a restaurant in Taipei on September 10, DOH has administered a pandemic survey at the venue after being notified by the Health Department of Taoyuan City on September 15. The restaurant will remain closed from noon on September 15 through noon on September 18 for disinfection, followed by an 11-day period of takeout-only operations.
DOH has also contacted 50 individuals with overlapping contact history via phone and/or SMS, informing them to seek medical attention and contacting local health authorities if noticing suspicious symptoms. The first level contacts (4 people) have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days, while the second level contacts (5 people) have entered quarantine for 5 days. Another 40 individuals will be screened as well.
The public are advised to continue best practices such as wearing face mask, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, avoid unnecessary gatherings, and seek medical attention if noticing any symptoms. The central government has announced that Level 2 COVID Alert will remain in effect through September 20. For any questions on the pandemic, please call 1922 hotline or DOH at 2375-3782.