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Kicking-off the 2015 Huajiang Bridge Waterfowl Season

The once-a-year Huajiang Bridge Waterfowl Season is here again! The Animal Protection Office (APO) is joining hands with the Huajiang Wetland Guardian Alliance (HWGA) to organize the event, with an opening ceremony slated for December 5.
According to the Department of Economic Development, the theme this year will be “LOHAS Wetland, Sustaining Health” which combines local religious pilgrimage culture with fairs and will feature exciting stage events and airing of documentaries on wetland ecology.
APO pointed out that the organizers have included evaluations for a local temple parade event, hoping that such customs will be able to be held on a greater scale – even with its own carnival – to attract more attention from the community on the Huajiang wetlands.
Starting in September of each year, waterfowls from Siberia arrive at the Huajiang wetlands for the winter, returning to their northern dwellings during springtime in the following year. To welcome these guests, APO has completed the habitat remediation works in the waterfowl reserve spanning two hectares.
A survey conducted in October this year recorded the arrival of over 6,000 waterfowls spanning 106 bird species in the Huajiang area. These include grey herons, Eurasian teals, mallards, black-winged stilts, and more.
For more information, please contact HWGA (0937-545875, Chairman Fan) or APO (8789-7158, ext. 7022, Mr. Lin).