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Taipei, New Taipei Mayors Discuss Universiade Preparations

On March 17, Mayor Ko Wen-je met with Mayor Eric Chu at New Taipei City Government to discuss the details of preparations for the 2017 Taipei Universiade. The two mayors promised to work together to make this international sports competition a success.
According to Ko, the main item on the agenda for the meeting with Chu is the schedule of venue construction and refurbishment. Involving funds of approximately NT$380 million, the project will be placed under the care of Sports Commissioner Hung Chia-wen. The mayor pointed out that Hung’s previous stint in New Taipei City Government will help to ensure smooth communication between the two municipalities.
Regarding the athletes’ village of the Universiade, Ko stressed that the two municipalities have already reached an agreement. Chu reiterated the municipality’s support of the Universiade, stressing that constructions will follow the schedules set out.
The mayor of New Taipei City stressed that the Universiade is not only hosted by Taipei City, but also by Taiwan. There are six venues for competitions in New Taipei City alone, including Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium, Xinzhuag Track and Field Stadium, Xinzhuang Civil Sports Center, Jinghe Park, and Wei-fang Canal.
In return, Chu requested if Taipei City can make venues available for the 2016 International Children’s Games hosted by New Taipei City, as some of the venues will be closed for refurbishments in preparation for the Universiade. Ko agreed without hesitation, saying that the two cities will work together to make international sports events successful.