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Taipei, New Taipei Team up to Donate Refurbished Furniture for Disadvantaged

With an aim to maximizing the use of valuable resources while helping the disadvantaged, environmental protection agencies from Taipei and New Taipei have joined hands in refurbishing recycled furniture and deliver it to the needed.
In line with Mayor Ko Wen-je’s policy to share the city’s resources with other municipalities, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of Taipei will continue to assist New Taipei in repairing secondhand furniture articles, 80% of which will be returned to New Taipei.
DEP pointed out that a total of 128 disadvantaged households have benefited from the collaboration scheme of the two cities, receiving 412 pieces of refurbished furniture between January, 2015 and February 29, 2016.
According to DEP, the agency has been carrying out the well-received measure of injecting new life into unwanted furniture to make best use of resources since 2003. Donations have been made to underprivileged and indigenous families starting 2012. The policy serves to reduce waste and support the cause of social welfare, thereby helping to create a triple-win for the public members, Taipei, and New Taipei.