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Ko: Taipei City Hospital Should Strengthen Role as Community Hospital

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the handover ceremony for the incoming and outgoing superintendents of Taipei City Hospital on December 5. He reckoned that it is imperative for the city’s public hospitals to reclaim their role as community hospitals through the restructuring of the medical system.
According to Ko, three out of his six visions for Taipei have to do with Taipei City Hospital; “health and safety,” “care and sharing,” and “community empowerment.”
The mayor remarked that during his campaign trail, he was shocked in learning that Taipei’s low-income households should grow at an astonishing 50% over the past decade. He stressed that education and access to healthcare services are the only ways for the poor and the disadvantaged to escape poverty.
He believes that the biggest leap forward in the field of medicine 20 years in the future should not result from the development of new drugs or medical technology, but from the incorporation of existing industry technologies into the medical field.
Exhorting the new heads of the Department of Health and Taipei City Hospital to improve Taipei’s medical services, the mayor stressed that Taipei City Hospital should be committed to promoting the welfare of the general public. He promised that the City will deploy all available resources to serve this cause.