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Taipei Arena Ice Land Celebrates Father’s Day with Charity Event

Participants of the charity ice-skating event at Taipei ArenaIn celebrations of Father’s Day, the Taipei Arena Ice Land collaborated with Special Olympics Chinese Taipei (SOCT) to invite 60 disabled and special needs individuals and their family members to an ice-skating trip at the facility!

To familiarize participants with ice skating skills, Taipei Arena Ice Land held an introductory ice-skating class at the beginning of the visit. After the briefing, many of the invitees were able to enjoy skating on the ice rink for the first time. They also received a certificate on course completion at the end of the event, with the mascot of Taipei Arena “Eggy” appearing for a photo op with the visitors.

SOCT is a member of the Special Olympics International. Speed roller skater Wang Yi-chuan is one of the individuals invited by the organizers. He is a gold medalist of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, winning first place in the 300 meters race.

Entering the world of speed skating for the first time in high school, Wang was able to win the ticket to the event at Berlin after achieving outstanding results at the qualifying rounds. The athlete attended the charity event with his coach and – thanks to his mastery of speed skating – was able to skate effortlessly on ice after receiving initial instructions. He also asked his coach to take a photo of him at the event, hoping to present the photo to his father who wasn’t able to come.

In the interest of realizing ESG goals and carrying out the social responsibility of enterprises, Taipei Arena joined hands with SOCT to invite disabled individuals and their families to the ice rink to enjoy a different kind of Father’s Day celebration.