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Labor Commissioner Visits Night Markets, Advises Prudence in Hiring Foreigners

Commissioner Chen visiting a night market vendorOn November 25, Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu led a team from the Department of Labor (DOL) on a visit to 3 major night markets – Linjiang, Ningxia, and Raohe – in Taipei. The purpose of the trip is to remind vendors and businesses to exercise cautiousness when hiring foreign workers.
The commissioner pointed out that employers should adopt the policy of “stop, inspect, and listen” when interviewing foreigners – foreign spouses or students – for job openings. Documents to review before hiring foreign spouses include their household registration forms and Alien Resident Certificates (ARC). When interviewing foreign students, documentations such as a valid ARC, student ID, and work permit should be examined.
Furthermore, it is important to check that these documents actually belong to the person interviewed, as well as the expiration dates of the IDs. Employers should either take a picture or photocopy the documents as a proof of due diligence on their part.
To check the authenticity of ARC data, employers can visit the ARC query website under the National Immigration Agency or call the DOL hotline for related questions.
Chen reminds employers that the penalty for hiring illegal foreign workers can be anywhere between NT$150,000 to NT$750,000, in accordance with Article 44 and 57-1 of the Employment Service Act.