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Cast Your Vote for 2017 Universiade Mascot!

Which animal would you choose for Taipei’s mascot? Black bear, blue magpie, tree frog, or sika deer? Come cast your vote to help us decide!
To encourage the public to take part in Taipei’s i-Voting campaign for selecting the mascot for the 2017 Universiade, Taipei City Government will be offering a variety of prizes to voters!
The voting is now in its final phases, spotlighting a heated competition among 10 submissions which made it into the finals.
Participants with facebook account and mobile phone are eligible for the raffle.
Prizes include convenient store vouchers, movie tickets, commemorative stamps, shoulder bags, key chain and notebook sets, and Taipei 101-shaped speakers. A total of 400 prizes will be given away.
For more information, please visit the official Chinese website of the 2017 Universiade (http://www.taipei2017.com.tw) or the website of the vote (http://www.gov.taipei/mp.asp?mp=2017LDC).