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TCPD Promotes Air Raid Drill Guidelines at Local Mosque

Police officers sharing information of the upcoming air raid drill to expats at the mosqueThe Wanan 45 Air Raid Drill is slated for Monday, July 25. Between 1:30 PM and 2 PM, residents and vehicles will be required to follow evacuation instructions, and traffic control will be enforced for thoroughfares to make way for drills spanning disaster response to search and rescue operations.
To ensure that expats residing in Taipei City are aware of evacuation procedures and shelter locations, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) organized a promotion campaign assisted by a team consisting of officers from Daan Police Precinct and Heping East Road Police Station.
The special promotion team arrived at a mosque in the local police precinct to raise awareness of the drill among expats who were attending Eid al-Adha activities at the establishment.
Eid al-Adha is an important holiday for Muslims around the world. The “Feast of Sacrifice” celebrates the virtues of obedience, sharing and unity. The information session was conducted in the form of Powerpoint presentation. The attendees learned about details about the Wanan Air Raid Drill and how to download the Taipei City Police Affairs Application. Users can look up nearby air raid shelters via the app.
To better communicate with members of the international communities in Taipei, TCPD published air raid evacuation information pamphlets in English, Indonesian, and other languages targeting expats. According to the guidelines, planes, ships, trains, high-speed trains, vehicles on highways, and MRT will continue operations. However, passengers disembarking from vehicles and vessels, as well as other civilians on foot, should follow directions and evacuate to shelters when the drill begins.
During the exercise, those who do not evacuate accordingly or follow the directions from drill-related staff will be fined in accordance with Article 25 of the Civil Defense Act.