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Training Course for Pipeline Management Center Personnel Commences

The New Constructions Office (NCO) is organizing a three-day-long boot camp for the new staff assigned to the new Taipei City Road Pipeline Information Center at the Department of Civil Servant Development starting June 8.
Nearly 200 personnel from over 40 agencies and units with pipelines signed up for the program.
On the opening day, Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong addressed the attending class members. He noted that Taipei’s pipeline management center is the first of its kind in the nation, combining information, technology, and human resources. He encouraged the members to work together in a systematic way to ensure smooth management of the subterranean pipeline networks.
According to NCO, the lessons will cover topics such as center operations, related SOPs, 3D pipeline maps, monitoring of road constructions, innovative and intelligent management, and new construction technologies. Class instructors include academics and experts from related fields.
Completion of hardware installation of the new center is slated for the end of June. The governing articles of the center are currently being reviewed by the mayor and are expected to be announced in the near future.