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Taipei Government Book Series Extra-Ordinary Taipei Featured at TIBE 2019

The 2019 Taipei International Book Exhibition is opening this week, and Extra-Ordinary Taipei, the book series recently published by the Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DOED), will also be available there with attractive discounts of 10% on each copy, 15% on three copies, and 21% on five copies. On Friday February 15 and Sunday February 17, two conversations will be held on stage at the R.O.C Governmental Publications pavilion (booth D506 in Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center).

Starting February 15 at 15:00, a conversation titled Behind the Scenes of Photography will be held between Lai Chi-kuang, photographer of Spend a Lifetime to Do One Thing Well, and Li A-Ming, author of There Is No God Here: Fishermen, Papa-San and Those Women. The biggest common feature between the two photographers is that they both stand close to their subjects on an equal footing, faithfully recording the genuine side of their subjects, without projecting firm positions or judgments. If you’re curious to know what they’re thinking behind the lens, under what circumstances they can’t press the shutter, or what these photographers will be asking one another, then simply show up at the booth at the scheduled time!
On February 17 at 14:00, a conversation titled Encounters in Design: A Tale of Taipei and Hong Kong will take place between two persons interviewed in the book series Extra-Ordinary Taipei: Javin Mao (Mao Zhuo-ran), founder of design studio Milkxhake, and Chad Liu, founder of Designsurfing. They will share and compare their urban observations from a design perspective to explore the topics “How does design change the appearance of a city?’ and “When design goes mainstream.” Anyone with an interest in design is welcome to come listen in on their conversation.

The book series Extra-Ordinary Taipei presents the people that make up Taipei through from the perspective of industries. The publication depicts the not-so-ordinary stories of ordinary people as they go about their lives in the night markets, wet markets, agriculture, leisure and tourism farms, tea stores, fashion and food, business services, friendly shopping areas, innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative fields, creative hubs, design hotbeds, pet care, natural ecology, hot spring bathing, and more. 

Extra-Ordinary Taipei is available through book stores, Google Play Books, and books.com.tw. For further information on the book, please visit the DOED website (https://www.doed.gov.taipei/) or follow the DOED’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/doed.taipei/)