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Maokong Gondola to Implement Differential Fares, Preferential Offers Starting Feb. 1, 2016

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has announced a series of fare adjustment measures for the Maokong Gondola. The move aims to rationalize the fare system of the aerial lift while helping to relieve financial burden on the city government.
Taipei residents, seniors, people with disabilities, children, and local borough residents, will be eligible for preferential offers.
Starting February 1, fares for traveling one stop, two stops, and three stops on the Maokong Gondola will increase from NT$30, NT$40, and NT$50 to NT$70, NT$100, and NT$120, respectively.
In addition, a differential pricing scheme will be introduced to make optimal use of the spare capacity of the gondola on non-holidays while serving to strengthen cooperation with Taipei Zoo.
According to TRTC, EasyCard holders (the general public) riding Maokong Gondola on weekdays (non-holidays) will be able to enjoy NT$20 off the normal fare as a way to encourage off-peak patronage.
On any given day, travelers belonging to any of the following groups will be eligible for NT$50 off the normal fare per ride: seniors aged 65 and over, children between age 6 and 12, the physically challenged, individuals domiciled in Taipei City, and indigenous people aged 55 and over.
To accommodate the needs of locals, those who have a residency in Zhinan, Laoquan, Zhengda, and Wanxing boroughs of Wenshan District will be able to enjoy unlimited rides with a fixed fare of NT$60 on the same day.
To enjoy the fare discounts, Taipei residents should enter designated ticket gates and present ID documents. Others eligible for concession fares will be able to enjoy the discounts with EasyCard or by purchasing tickets on site with ID documents.
Group ticket fares have also been adjusted: 10 percent discount for groups of 10 or more passengers and 20 percent for groups of 40 or more passengers. The price for the well-received Maokong Gondola Super Value Round-Trip Ticket will be adjusted to NT$260 (NT$20 deposit included); Taipei Pass for Maokong Gondola will cost NT$350 (not including deposit).
To attract visitors to explore the Maokong area, those who have utilized EasyCard for touring Taipei Zoo before embarking on a Maokong Gondola ride will be eligible for NT$20 off the normal fare.
To learn more about the new gondola fares, please call 24-hour MRT customer service: (02)218-12345 or visit the TRTC website (http://english.metro.taipei/).