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[Level 3 COVID Alert] Workers Eligible for Subsidies, Relief Loans

 Information on Stimulus 4.0 relief for workersWith the continued spread of the pandemic, the Executive Yuan introduced the Stimulus 4.0 economic relief package to assist workers without set employers and self-employed workers, providing each with a maximum of NT$30,000 to subsidize day-to-day spending. The program also offers individual workers relief loans of up to NT$100,000. 
Regarding the Executive Yuan’s Stimulus 4.0’s living allowances for workers without set employers and self-employed workers, the program targets primarily workers who are members of occupational unions. For those who’s monthly insurance salary is below NT$24,000, they are eligible for NT$30,000 in payment. For those whose monthly insurance salary exceeds NT$24,000, the allowance is NT$10,000.
According to Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu, individuals who have applied for relief subsidy in 2020 will not have to submit a new application. The Bureau of Labor Insurance will forward the payment directly to the individual based on the previous record on bank account or mailing address.
For those who didn’t file for the subsidy last year, they can register their bank or post office account online by providing either: (1) their National Health Insurance Number and Household Registration Certificate Number, or (2) Citizen Digital Certificate (requires the use of a card reader).
For more details on the pandemic subsidies and relief loan for workers under the Stimulus 4.0 program, please visit the Chinese website of the Ministry of Labor (https://www.mol.gov.tw/topic/44761/48532/) or call 1955.