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​Expanding Greens for Pedestrian Walkway Between MRT Shilin, Jiantan Stations

​Expanding Greens for Pedestrian Walkway Between MRT Shilin, Jiantan StationsMore green spaces are in the plans for the revamped pedestrian corridor under the Red Line! The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) drafted the “MRT Green Corridor Pedestrian Flow Renewal Project (MRT Shilin Station – MRT Jiantan Station)”, seeking to incorporate local culture with expanded green spaces.
According to the PSLO, the section between MRT Shilin Station and MRT Jiantan Station is where the Red Line is at its closest to the mountain range. The surrounding area – home to well-known markets, night markets, restaurants, and theaters – also boasts a rich heritage in terms of history and culture.
The neighborhood is also the site for many ongoing and future projects, including the MRT Shilin Station TOD Building, No. 5 Warehouse Hotel Development Plan, Yangming Theater Urban Renewal Project, Taipei Performance Arts Center, Northern Shilin Corridor, and Shilin Paper Plant Development Project.
Director Hwang Shwu-ru of PSLO pointed out that by communicating with local residents through such seminars, the agency is able to educate more people on the concept of urban space, use safety, local characteristics, and human-oriented planning. Through the seminars, PSLO seeks to collect the opinions of people from different backgrounds and domains, allowing the adjusted plan to fulfill the needs of users and citizens.
Deputy Chief Engineer Mo Huan-rong remarked that the corridor area between the two MRT stations is right next door to busy commercial establishments. While the Shilin business district is well-known for its convenient transportation, there isn’t a public space where people can sit back and relax. This project creates a number of such “pocket spaces” along the MRT which are well lighted and incorporate elements of urban vitality and arts.