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Mayor Attends MCU Founding Ceremony

During the tea session celebrating the founding of Music Creators Union (MCU) on March 9, Mayor Ko Wen-je expressed his hope that the organization will help the island retake the leading position in Asian pop music.
Ko remarked that this is the first union consisting of members from artistic organizations formed since the beginning of his administration. He stressed that he encourages workers of arts and literature to establish professional organizations or unions, since this will help communications and facilitate resolution of issues such as labor and medical insurances.
Noting that this is one of the reasons why he chose Ni Chung-hwa as the commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs, the mayor hopes that MCU will serve as a bridge between the city government and music industries, conveying opinions and suggestions on related city policies.
He pointed out that progress is being made on plans for the establishment of Taipei Pop Music Center. In the future, the city government will discuss details of the project with the Ministry of Culture to work out ways to improve the implementation of the project.
The mayor also mentioned the legality and possible regulation adjustments regarding live houses. He believes that the government should do more in bringing people closer to music. Like the nurturing process of baseball talents spanning little league to professional baseball, the upbringing of music talents also requires adequate room and stage. Practical development of live houses will help to nurture musicians. More importantly, the city government will also provide support to music creators financially, allowing them to receive their due rewards.