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Topping out Ceremony for Taipei Universiade Athletes Village

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the rite of placing a beam atop the athletes’ village for 2017 Taipei Universiade as a way to pray for smooth construction of the project on December 2.
During his address, Ko expressed his gratitude to contract developers for working in full swing to meet construction schedule. With less than two years before the international sports event opens, he asked all parties involved to spare no effort in ensuring the construction is completed on time and on quality.
The project, the land of which is provided by Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior, will be used as public housing following the conclusion of Taipei Universiade. Taipei and New Taipei city governments will be responsible for the leasing and sale of the property, seeking to address the issue of insufficient dwelling places in northern Taiwan.
The mayor reckoned that the athletes village plays a key role in the sports event as it will accommodate an estimated 10,000 participating athletes. Citing the lesson learned from the trip to Gwangju Universiade of South Korea, he also stressed the importance of sound operations in addition to well-constructed infrastructure.
Answering media questions concerning the management of the public housing units, Ko noted that the plans have yet to be finalized and negotiations are required with both the central and Taipei City government.