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DEP Boosts Water Sprinkling Truck Services to Minimize Summer Heat Impact

In light of the seething temperature this summer, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that it will increase two more routes for its water sprinkling service starting July 1.
The new routes include Nanjing East Road sections 1 through 5 and Minquan East Road sections 1 through 4. These will be in addition to the existing routes (both directions along Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongxiao East Road sections 1 through 4, Roosevelt Road sections 1 through 3, Zhongshan South Road, and Bade Road sections 2 through 4).
The water sprinkler trucks will help lower temperatures of the surroundings and lay dust on the paved roads to prevent the deterioration of air quality.
According to DEP, the weather data collected between June 9 and 30 in Taipei by the Central Weather Bureau on non-cloudy or rainy days indicated that a total of 16 days during this period reached high temperature levels, with the temperature between 10 AM and noon reaching 34-degree Celsius.
To ensure minimal impact upon the environment and conserve resources, the water used by the water sprinkler trucks consist of water from Dihua and Neihu water purification plants, as well as recycled water from the three incinerators of city government.