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New Corridor-type Bus Stops Inaugurated at MRT Gongguan Station

 The corridor-type bus stop outside MRT Gongguan StationThe Public Transportation Office (PTO) reported that the bus stops outside MRT Gongguan Station have been overhauled and relocated to the new sheltered structure on both sides of the road. 


The refurbishment helps to create more a comfortable waiting area for riders at the prosperous Gongguan Commercial District. It also marks the one-hundredth corridor-type bus stop to be inaugurated in Taipei City.


According to PTO, the new corridor-type bus stops outside MRT Gongguan Station measures roughly 40 meters in length. Compared to the old bus stop areas, the new corridor-type bus stops offer more people waiting for the bus better protection against the elements.


In light of an aging society, the new bus stops also features more benches to satisfy the needs of elderly and mobility-challenged passengers. 


PTO pointed out that Taipei City Government has embarked on a quest to replace traditional bus stops along dedicated bus lanes with new versions consisting of corridor-like structure. So far, the bus stops along the entire stretch of Songjiang Road and Zhonghua Road dedicated bus lanes have been completed. It has also inaugurated six bus stops on Xinsheng North/South Road and five along Roosevelt Road.


Furthermore, the agency also analyzed factors spanning the needs of passengers to the more widely-used bus stops to the surrounding environment of respective stops. The results led to setting up additional bus stops at locations such as Taipei Music Center, MRT Longshan Temple Station, and Taipei Performing Arts Center/MRT Jiantan Station. 


For 2023, PTO expects to put the finishing touches on six more corridor-type bus stations to better serve citizens in the area of public transportation.