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Yanhui Book Warehouse Goes Online

Mayor Ko Wen-je announced the city’s plan to launch the “Yanhui Book Warehouse on Cloud” project during a press event on March 30.
Promoting the concepts of “recycle and reuse,” the project will digitize secondhand books to allow for online access for readers living in remote areas.
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been collecting unwanted books through public donations to help the disadvantaged students and children. This year, the agency will take a further step to make the most out of existing resources by establishing an online database of Yanhui Book Warehouse in collaboration with National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).
Ko expressed his gratitude to NCTU for the technical support provided by the institution. He noted that through this project, residents living in municipalities outside Taipei will be able to access the resources.
The mayor also praised the Neihu Recycled Furniture Auction House, another facility operated by the DEP, for living up to the eco concepts of recycle and reuse. He remarked that his administration will never feel satisfied by what has been achieved; it will continue to strive to improve city policies and perfect civic services.