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Taipei to Impose Parking Fees on All Roads

The Parking Management and Development Office (PMDO) announced that the City will contemplate the adding of roadside parking spaces along roads and streets currently without these markings, as well as imposing parking fees for roads where such measures have not been implemented.

The move is buoyed by the well-received policy to charge drivers for parking on all roads in Taipei, which took effect on December 1, 2015. The measure boosted parking turnover rate by 2.5 times; nearly 72 percent of survey respondents expressed their support for the policy charging fees for roadside parking in Taipei.

According to PMDO, a comprehensive investigation will be conducted across Taipei’s 103 primary and secondary roads, identifying roads which have not been marked with red and yellow lines or parking spaces. Traffic conditions at these areas will be evaluated before parking lines are drawn.

As to parking line design alongside lanes and alleys, PMDO pointed out that the issue will be incorporated into the Neighborhood Traffic Improvement Project.

A total of 30 boroughs were involved in the traffic enhancement effort in 2015. The agency reported that 31 more boroughs have signed up for the project in 2016.