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New Artworks Welcoming the Universiade Displayed at Renai Traffic Circle

For people who have visited Renai Traffic Circle in recent days, they might have noticed a fence of green with words inscribed and six statues of people playing different kinds of sports.

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Huang Li-yuan, the public art works are created by staff from the agency. These figures seek to promote sports categories such as golf, running, weight-lifting and archery.

Chief Kao Min-tien from the agency’s Horticulture Engineering Section noted that many of the staff members at PSLO spent endless hours to come up with the design of the artwork. The statues, comprising plants such as Vaccinium Fig, Golden Dewdrop, and Creeping Charlie weed, took an entire month to complete.

He added that regular maintenance and upkeep will be carried out for these plant displays. He believes with the growth of the plant, the statue will become more and more detailed – reaching the best state in roughly two months’ time.

To promote the upcoming international event, the Public Works Department has plans to deploy a number of green sculptures with the Renai Traffic Circle as the central area. In the future, these statues will be placed at locations including the intersection of Dunhua North Road and Nanjing East Road, the intersection of Dunhua North Road and Bade Road, Shilin Residence, and Daan Forest Park.