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Outstanding Elementary School Students Receive Award from Mayor

Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at Taipei Municipal Changan Elementary School on May 18 to preside over the award ceremony honoring outstanding students from public and private elementary schoosl for the second semester of the 2015 school year.

During his address, the mayor noted that being an honor student is encouragement and affirmation. It is also a form of responsibility, because in the future the public will adopt a more competitive standard to judge this student.

Citing his own experience, the mayor pointed out that it is easier to do things you want to do yourself and much harder to do things other people want you to do. He himself enjoyed riding the bicycle from the lighthouse in northern Taiwan to the lighthouse in southern Taiwan in a day. However, being a mayor is not something he enjoys, but he still needs to do it well.

He called upon the award winners to take up the responsibility and do their best.

When asked if he feels less pressure in presenting the award to 155 students which is half the number compared to the award ceremony in the previous semester, Ko said he will present the award to all the winners regardless of the number.