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TCG Implements Youth Encouragement Program on a Trial Basis

joint-development residential building at MRT Luzhou Station To implement and promote the Housing Justice 2.0 4-year policy, the Youth Encouragement Program will be carried out on a trial basis. For stage one of the project, 30 large 4-room apartments in the joint-development residential building at MRT Luzhou Station will be converted into shared housings for youths. The concept of split rent and shared housing will be applied, with each person paying NT$7,600 to NT$13,500 per room per month. The residences are provided to young Taiwanese citizens aged between 20 and 46 who are studying or working in Taipei City and are in need of housing. For application details, please refer to the Taipei City House Rental website.

Taipei City Government’s Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) explained that the Youth Encouragement Program is one of the diverse ways of providing public housing. Housing rental is managed jointly by the DORTS and Department of Urban Development (UDD), where the applicants will draw lots before their applications are reviewed. Anyone aged between 20 and 46 who is studying or working in Taipei City and is in need of housing is eligible to apply. Co-tenants of 2 or more who rent an apartment with 2 other tenants or more may submit a joint application as co-tenants. Tenants with low-income will be considered a priority. DORTS indicated that to cater to the accommodation needs of people studying or working in Taipei City, as well as to render the basic public service of fair housing and mitigate the burden of rental housing to provide stable accommodation and maintain reasonable turnover rate, allowing others studying and working in Taipei City to have a fair chance of renting an apartment, the rental housings adopt the long-term rent, installment contract approach. Each rental period lasts 3 years, and the combined duration of rent and renewed contracts may not exceed 9.5 years. The purpose of the program is to encourage youths to come to the city to study or work.

According to the DORTS, the housing open for application is a joint-development residential building at MRT Luzhou Station, which boasts a sound community environment, amenities, and public facilities. All 30 joint-development residences have 4 rooms ranging from 203.6m2 to 229.7m2. The rent is 15% off the market price and the same amount of rent is collected monthly; the property management fee is not included in the rent, and the contract will be renewed upon the expiration of the current contract without adjusting the rent. The main entrance of the community is exit no. 2 of MRT Luzhou Station, which is approximately 19 minutes, 22 minutes, and 21 minutes away from Taipei Railway Station, MRT Nangang Station, and MRT Dazhi Station respectively via MRT, allowing the tenants to access major areas in Taipei City conveniently and effortlessly via various MRT lines and the Taoyuan Airport MRT.

The housing application begins at 09:00 on February 14 (Friday) and ends at 17:00 on March 2 (Monday). The application form can be downloaded from the Taipei City House Rental website (https://www.rent.gov.taipei/) or collected from the UDD’s central office (Address: 18F, No. 168, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City).

Rental housing contact details:

  1. Drawing of lots: UDD (TEL:02-27772186, ext. 2755).

  2. Qualification review, residence selection, and allocation: DORTS (TEL: 02-25215550, ext.8544).