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Taipei Lantern Festival: Mini Lanterns Giveaway on Feb. 21-22

The much-anticipated 2016 Taipei Lantern Festival will take place at Taipei Expo Yuanshan Park between February 20 and 29.
During a press event, Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang joined Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung in unveiling the mini lantern for the Year of the Monkey ‘Lele.’ The mini lantern will be handed out at 22 distribution spots across the twelve districts on February 21 and 22.
Unlike past years, the paper monkey lantern comes in two styles based on the way it is folded, thanks to the ingenuity of the designer. The naughty Lele can either become a gymnast who likes performing somersaults, or a venturous treasure hunter. Incorporating images of balloons, rainbow, starry sky, and the pirate ship inspired by a ride at Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, the designer infused fantasy elements into the lantern’s design.
According to the Department of Civil Affairs, there will be a total of 230,000 mini lanterns available – 50,000 more than the number last year. Starting 11 AM on February 21 and 22, 112,000 lanterns will be given out at Yuanshan Park, Songshan Tsuhuei Temple, Xinyi District Office, Daan District Office, Taipei Wenchang Temple, CKS Memorial Hall, Boan Temple, Neihu Public Assembly Hall, and other locations.
Please refer to the following link for a detailed list of the giveaway locations: http://www-ws.gov.taipei/001/Upload/public/Attachment/61191271823.pdf (Chinese)
The city government will also donate mini lanterns to orphanages, children’s wards, schools, and local neighborhoods. A limited supply will be reserved for intercity and international exchange purposes as well.