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Taipei Ready for Gay Marriage Registrations as of May 24

* On May 24, 2019, the Taipei City Government will take the concept of “open government and public participation” one step further, when J.Y Interpretation No. 748 of the Grand Justices regarding the question “Does the ROC Constitution allow same-sex marriage?” meets its second anniversary.

In their binding legal opinion, the Grand Justices declared that the Civil Code not including same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. They also gave the competent authorities two years to amend the existing law or pass a new law to implement its legal opinion. If no such legislative action is taken within the given time period, the section on marriage in the Civil Code will be deemed to mean that two persons of the same gender can register for marriage with the municipal household registry. Thus, as of May 24, 2019, under J.Y Interpretation No. 748, same-sex couples may register to marry if they wish, to legally establish a permanent relationship and manage their life together.

To date, the central government has not completed the amendment or enactment of relevant laws. In any case, May 24 will be the first day when same-sex couples can register to marry, and the Department of Civil Affairs (DOCA) stands ready to carry out its responsibilities as the local government authority in charge of this matter. The agency has set up a response mechanism for the city’s District Household Registration Offices to perform the formalities of marriage registration. It is looking forward to welcoming LGBTQ citizens to register their marriages.

1. On May 24, service will be available from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Any couple coming to a district office during office hours will be fully served, be it for issuing National ID Cards and household registers.

2. For people with official residence in another county or city, if they come to a district office at flexible office hours in the evening (from 5:30 to 8:00 pm) and those Household Registration Offices in other counties or cities do not offer extended hour services, then the paperwork will be taken in for later processing and the applicant will be contacted when the job is done.

3. From today on, Household Registration Offices across Taipei City have allocated sufficient staff to handle appointments for marriage registrations, either by telephone or at the counter.

Taipei City has been actively building an LGBTQ-friendly environment to achieve its vision of being a city that respects diversity and gender equality. On May 24, the first official day of marriage equality, Taipei’s Household Registration Offices will provide their best services to everyone. The regulations regarding same-sex marriage registrations fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior. After the ministry’s official announcement, Taipei City will quickly roll out LGBTQ-awareness training and additional marriage registration training for staff at Household Registration Offices in all of the city’s districts.

Taipei City warmly welcomes its LGBTQ residents to proceed to their Household Registration Office on this memorable day of May 24 to register their marriage if they have decided to spend a lifetime together creating blissful memories.