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Want to Know More About Earth Day? Visit the Green Energy Fair

* On Earth day this year, Taipei Zoo cooperates again with the Bureau of Energy under the Ministry of Economic Affairs to organize a green energy fair with the theme of “Green Energy Transformation - Moving Forward with Animals” this Saturday morning (April 20) from 9:00-12:00. Adults and children are all invited to join!

The plaza at the Taipei Zoo entrance will have a number of booths set up for you to challenge. Inside the zoo, the “Eco House”, “Asian Tropical Rainforest Area”, “Amphibian and Reptile House”, and “Penguin House” will also have booths set up inside. Adults and children have to collect 5 badges to complete the challenge. Collect a gift for clearing the challenges and join in on a lucky draw.

“Earth day” falls on April 22 every year. The tradition originated from the earliest large-scale environmental protection movement, which appealed to people with the message that everyone should care about environmental deterioration and take proper action to protect the environment. This year, the Earth Day Network and Taiwan Earth Day announced that the theme for 2019 will be “Protect our Species”, appealing to all endangered species that are facing the threat extinction. Everyone should help to maintain the diverseness of species.

In the green energy fair this year, Taipei Zoo designed educational stations including “Happy Penguin station”, “Frogs and Tapirs workshop”, and “Green energy living” to both amplify the theme of living threats to species and to challenge visitors: “Happy Penguin station” wants to share how daddy and mommy penguin incubate their eggs and take care of baby penguins, and also let us understand the difficulties of penguins during reproduction. The “Frogs and Tapirs workshop” want adults and children to know more about rainforest Malayan tapirs and frogs. Everyone is invited to draw a diagram of the frogs and tapirs. “Green energy living” invites everyone to experiment on the wind and solar generator models. Knowing how green energy operates is crucial in understanding the need for sustainable development. There are many other fascinating and meaningful activities for adults and children to participate in!

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