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Taipei Zoo Announces Adjustments to Ticket Prices

To comply with existing regulations on concessions schemes listed in Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act and Senior Citizens Welfare Act, Mayor Ko Wen-je instructed city government facilities to review current ticket and fare prices for visitors.
Current plans include the cancellation of concession discounts for retired teachers, police, military personnel, and civil servants at city facilities starting July 1.
Based on the aforementioned directive, Taipei Zoo will be implementing the following changes to its ticket pricing:
1. Senior citizens 65 or above: ‘Free admission’ replaced with ’50-percent discount’
2. Neighborhood and borough chiefs with “Neighborhood and Borough Service Handbook”: ‘Free admission’ cancelled
3. Taipei City Exemplary Driver and One accompanying individual (spouse or blood relative in direct line of descent): ‘Free admission’ until December 31, 2016
4. Seniors with Alien Permanent Residence Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior’s National Immigration Agency with remarks regarding discounts for public transportation vehicles and public recreational facilities: ‘Free admission’ replaced with ’50-percent discount’
5. Retired civil servants and teachers: ‘Free admission’ cancelled
6. Retired veterans: ‘Free admission’ cancelled
7. Indigenous elders between the age of 55 and 64: ‘Free admission’ replaced with ‘50-percent discount’
8. Holders of Low Income Household Certificate issued by Taipei City Government Department of Social Welfare: ‘Concessionary ticket’ replaced with ‘Free admission’
9. Police and military personnel: ‘Concessionary ticket’ replaced with ‘Standard ticket’
10. Individuals with Taipei City volunteer traffic police, volunteer police, volunteer firefighters, and civil defense personnel identification document: ’50-percent discount’