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Wanhua District Pushes for Family-oriented Traditional Market

Between September 14 and 21, a series of family-fun activities are taking place at Xinfu Market, inviting parents and kids from 4th to 6th grade to participate. Activities including “Market Tour,” “One-day Stall Owner,” and “Market Speed Writer” combined with sales and bargains will no doubt bring new highlights to the traditional marketplace.
In an effort to revitalize Dongsanshui Street and Xinfu Market, the city reached an agreement with vendors and the market self-governing association on establishing a family-friendly market following 180 days of negotiations and talks.
The current plan involves the integration of environmental education and agriculture and food-ingredient-related knowledge into the traditional market, hoping to attract entire families to invigorate the market.
To strengthen the market’s characteristics and features, a total of 13 vendors took part in the overhaul this year. Focusing on the ideas of family-friendly and tourism-friendly, a team of over 30 individuals were involved in the renovation – from market clean-up to paint jobs.
The renovated marketplace utilizes bright colors and lighting to emphasize the merchandise displays, creating a refreshing look for the stalls. The vendors also plan a series of interactive abilities to boost interactions with visitors and customers, making them feel welcome.