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“Happy Magical Dogs” to Take Center Stage at Lantern Festival

Mayor Ko Wen-je unveiled the main lantern—Happy Magical Dogs--for the 2018 Taipei Lantern Festival on February 12.
Consisting of three Taiwanese dogs holding hands in a circle, the main lantern is about three-floors-tall (including the pedestal). Each of the canines is painted with unique totems and colors carrying different meanings.
The golden dog “Go Forward” stands for the fearless spirit of Taiwan and its maritime people. The silver dog “Go Together” signifies the island’s inclusive culture that embraces people from different backgrounds. The red dog “Go Future,” bearing Ketagalan totems, denotes Taiwan’s indigenous culture.
The value of “happiness” has always been held in high esteem by citizens of Taipei, the mayor reckoned. From the mini-lantern to the main lantern, the theme of happiness prevails and he wishes everyone a happy Year of the Dog.
Ko added that with the implementation of West District Gateway Project, this year’s lantern festival also features a plethora of historical and humanistic attractions, spanning North Gate Plaza, Taipei Railway Department, Taipei Post Office, and Mitsui Warehouse, among other historical sites dating back to Qing Dynasty and Japanese colonial period.
There will be nine lantern exhibition zones at this year’s event, including Ximen Performance Area, Beimen Performance Area, City Art Museum Area, Freestyle Creativity Area, Sea of Lights area, Blessings Lantern Area, Nishi Hongaji Relics Creativity Area, Friendly Exchange Area, and Student Creativity Area.
A-fu, the curator of the lantern feast and a member of the Taiwanese indie band Sodagreen, noted that visitors can expect to be amazed by elements mixing pop culture with tradition and technology, as well as integrating eco-concepts. Ximending promises to transform into a “Street Music Hall” with performances fitting the various themes of the lantern areas, he said.
Website of the 2018 Taipei Lantern Festival: https://2018.lanternfestival.taipei/en/
Happy Magical Dogs