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Migrant Workers’ Counselors Share Their Stories on TBS Show

Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) aired a special interview with the migrant workers’ counselor of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) on April 29. These specialists took the opportunity to share their stories over the years with listeners.
Having worked in this area for nearly 14 years, Indonesian language counselor Chu Na-na recalled that she encountered a wide diversity of questions over the years, ranging from management, salary complaints, to contract clauses. An example she cited was a migrant worker who was unable to fulfill the employment contract and needed to return to the home country for personal reason. For this case, Chu needed to investigate details such as whether the decision was voluntary, accuracy of salary calculation, and what documents are required. All these steps are necessary to ensure the rights of the migrant worker in question.
Doods, a Filipino language counselor working for the agency for 8 years, also has his stories to share. He recalled a worker who has worked in Taiwan for 9 years was unable to continue her work due to physical illness. The worker was unable to visit the office to process the paper works for her departure, so he visited the worker’s work site to complete the required process.
In addition to their work at FDLO, the two migrant workers’ counselors also host the radio show “Hello Taipei” on TBS every Saturday and Sunday from 9 PM to 11 PM. The show offers migrant workers in Taipei music from their home countries, as well as updates on important policies and activities.
Migrant workers with questions about their work environment or rights can contact the 24-hour Migrant Workers’ Hotline (TEL: 1955) or FDLO (TEL: 02-2559-8518; ext. 5211 or 5218 for Tagalog; ext. 5207, 5209, 5215, 5216, or 5217 for Indonesian; ext. 5210 or 5214 for Vietnamese; and ext. 5206 for Thai) between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.
To listen to TBS, tune into FM 93.1 or AM 1134. Broadcast is also available over the internet via the following website: www.radio.gov.taipei