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Karlova Experiences Skyscraper Window Cleaning, Promotes Workplace Safety

A screenshot from the promotion film on workplace safetyAs a part of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) campaign for workplace safety promotion, actor Ugur Rifat Karlova took part in the shooting of this year’s workplace safety education film which involved a one-day experience working outside the window of a high-rise.
He noticed that because the workplace is literally suspending high above the ground, safety is very important and anything that gets overlooked could result in a deadly fall. Therefore, all necessary safety precautions have to be carried out before work to prevent accidents.
During the filming process, Karlova accidently bumped his head, but fortunately he was wearing a safety helmet as required by safety guidelines. This random occurrence demonstrates the importance of protective gears.
After the hands-on session, Karlova shared an anecdote related to workplace safety on his Facebook and called upon the public to comply with SOPs to avoid unnecessary tragedies. He also lauded DOL’s emphasis on workplace safety.
Labor Commissioner Cheng Hsin-yu remarked that between 2018 and 2020, the top-ranking occupational accident category for Taipei City is falling accident. She reminds those who work at places high above the ground to make sure that all the safety equipment is in place, wear protective gears correctly, and implement all safety precautions.
The Labor Inspection Office is also holding a raffle event on its Chinese Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/111242616968136/posts/567485994677127/). Those who liked the page, leave a message, and tag 3 friends will have a chance to win a NT$2,000 convenience store voucher (10 vouchers to be given away).