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Ko: City Keeps up the Good Work for a Greener Future

Ko: City Keeps up the Good Work for a Greener FutureOn May 12, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Taipei Energy Hill at Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park for an event highlighting low carbon emissions and green energy.
During his address, the mayor remarked that the former landfill site, now houses a solar power plant. Since its commencement in January 2017, the facility has generated two million kWh of electricity, achieving its annual power output goal ahead of schedule.
Following the success of the Fedekeng Energy Hill, Taipei will soon roll out a similar project dubbed “Taipei Energy Hill Phase Two” in Shanzhuku by end of the year. The aim of the plan is to generate one million kWh on an annual basis.
According to Ko, both power plants are operated by private entities on lots owned by the government. With the equivalent of 10% of the power generated as the rent, the more electricity generated, the more rent the city government will receive.
Noting that the degree of a city’s eco-friendliness reflects the level of its civilization, mayor Ko pointed out that carbon emission reduction and green energy are among the values he has adhered to. The city will keep moving towards a sustainable future, said the mayor.
He also tried making stir-fried egg on a solar cooker.
In addition to being a home to the solar power plant, Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park also boasts a facility that generates electricity from swamp gas recycled from the previous landfill. The Department of Environmental Protection plans to transform the park into the island’s first model park dedicated to environmental education and eco-friendliness.