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Guide to Firefly-watching at Taipei Parks

To welcome citizens to witness the success of Taipei City Government’s firefly repopulation efforts, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) is offering a guide to firefly watching for several sites within the city.

PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan remarked that the existence of a firefly population shows that the surroundings are free of pollution and contain a certain degree of biodiversity. He noted that some of the best locations to watch fireflies in Taipei include Daan Forest Park, Rongxing Garden Park, Muzha Park’s Cui Lake, and Fuyang Eco Park.

The advantage of Taipei’s geographical location – a highly urbanized basin surrounded by mountains on three sides – creates a unique park ecosystem serving as a kind of ‘Eco Island’.

Through the collaboration of the Public Works Department, Friends of Daan Park Association, Society of Wilderness, and local community members, the natural habitats of fireflies at Rongxing Garden Park, Muzha Park, and Fuyang Eco Park were successfully preserved, while a new firefly community has been established at Daan Forest Park.

Information on Parks for Firefly-spotting

Rongxing Garden Park:
MRT: Visitors should disembark at MRT Zhongshang Junior High School Station, travel west along Minquan E. Road, and enter via Longjiang Road. Another way is to disembark at MRT Zhongshang Elementary School, walk east along Minquan E. Road, and enter via Longjiang Road.

Daan Forest Park
MRT: Disembark at MRT Daan Park Station. The eco pond is located next to the outdoor music platform.

Fuyang Eco Park
MRT: Disembark at Exit 1 of MRT Linguang Station, walk to the gas station, and turn on Fuyang Street.

Muzha Park (Cui Lake)
Bus: Visitors can take public buses 0S, 0E, 108, 109, 12, 14, 15, 253, 666, 671, BR 22, 236, 294, 647, 237, 611, 671, and more.