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Mayor Urges Residents to Vote on Shezidao’s Fate

Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at local religious center Kun Tian Temple to promote the upcoming vote on Shezidao development on February 21. The vote is slated for February 27 and 28.
According to the mayor, the vote will only determine the general direction of Shezidao’s redevelopment. Factors such as environmental impact assessment, urban planning, and flood prevention will need to be taken into account before any concrete plan can be submitted to Executive Yuan for approval.
Ko stressed that the challenge existing for over 46 years cannot be resolved in one day. He reckoned that the city government should seek residents’ opinions before implementing policies, citing the issue of tap water accessibility he encountered from a one-night stay at Shezidao.
Regarding the four possible development choices, Ko commented that he will vote for “Ecological Shezidao,” an approach which will not seek to expand embankments but preserve developable land in the outer area instead. The government will then play the role of diverting resources into the project.
The mayor promised locals that the city government will loosen the criteria for filing for compensation. He hopes to secure support from Shezidao residents before dealing with more challenges down the road of redevelopment.