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Taipei i-Voting System in the Works

As yet another measure to fulfil the vision of “public participation” in city administrations, the city government is working to develop the “i-Voting Online Ballot Casting System” to allow the public to have their say about city policies.
The mechanism will serve as an important medium for the government to connect with the populace, thus contributing to the formulation of better civic services.
The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) pointed out that the agency is improving i-Voting verification procedures, which will be implemented on six levels:
-Level 1: No need to obtain voter’s personal information, therefore no identity verification needed.
-Level 2: Voters can voluntarily provide personal information, but will not undergo identity verification.
-Level 3: Voters will be required to provide personal information for the system to verify. Identity verification will involve one of the following: ID number, mobile number, email, or Taipei Card profile.
-Level 4: Level 3 verification plus integration of household registration system.
-Level 5: Level 3 - 4 verification plus integration of Citizen Digital Certificate information.
-Level 6: Anonymous voting (ID verification required when voters obtain ballots, but vote-casting will remain anonymous).
According to DOIT, the different levels of i-Voting cater to the needs of respective issues. The mechanism for Level 3 is expected to be put in place by the end of 2015.
The agency will also consult relevant departments on the issue of personal information protection to ensure compliance of the i-Voting system with law and regulations.