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Mayor Presides over Groundbreaking Ceremony for Jingfong Zone 1 Social Housing

Groundbreaking for the new social housing project in Wenshan. As a part of the city government’s effort to promote affordable housing, a plot of land near MRT Wanlong Station in Wenshan District has been chosen as the site of a new social housing project. With staff members from the departments of Urban Development, Public Works, and Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) in attendance, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the groundbreaking of the new building on October 5.

According to statistics from the Department of Urban Development, the city government has completed the construction of 21 social housing projects with 3,705 household units. It is still working on 29 cases which will create 9,826 household units. A total of 25 projects will be completed by the end of the year, making available 4,712 household units. The Jingfong Zone 1 Social Housing Project is expected to contribute 90 units to the pool.

The HEO pointed out that the foundation of the Jingfong Zone 1 Project covers a total of 2,439 square meters. Commanding a price tag of NT$490 million, the 14-story structure made from reinforced concrete will have 2 basement floors and is slated for completion around June 2023.

The City plans to house several social service institutions on the first and second floors of the building, including a community library and a public nursery. The mix of such facilities and stores will help to create a healthy interactive environment for residents. Furthermore, the building is expected to acquire the Smart Building Label (silver rank), the Green Building Label (silver rank), and the Earthquake Resistance Building Label.

Based on the blueprint, each household will have their respective window with a view. The design of the corridors connecting the different units seeks to encourage contact and interaction among neighbors. The abundance of green space is an attempt to diminish the ‘coldness’ prevalent among modern buildings.