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Mayor Hosts Mobile City Executive Meeting at Zhongzheng District

On September 26, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over a mobile city executive meeting at Zhongzheng Senior Care Center.
He received briefings by the heads of Zhongzheng District Office, Department of Social Welfare, and Department of Cultural Affairs on issues spanning district administration, long-term care, as well as the implementation of the southern city museum project.
Two proposals, one about Guling Street renovation and the other on West District Gateway’s friendly sidewalk expansion, were submitted by Zhongzheng District Director Liao Hsueh-ju during the meeting. On the proposal to inject literary atmosphere to Guling Street, the mayor instructed Liao to coordinate administrative resources and incorporate locals’ opinions before the devising of a sound plan. He also assigned Deputy Mayor Lin to push ahead with the initiative to increase pedestrian walkways in the west district.
Following the city executive meeting, the mayor answered questions raised by online users who followed the meeting’s live streaming on Facebook.
Concerning questions about how he felt when seeing Zhongxiao Bridge ramp dismantled, Ko replied he was amazed at how fast the work was carried out. As for disaster preparedness and safety maintenance of Taipei Railway Station, the mayor reckoned that a number of problems were identified during the exercise in August and required rectification. Finally, he agreed with residents’ suggestion to develop an integrated mobile app for disseminating Taipei’s long-term care service information, acknowledging the fact that mobile device users have outnumbered desktop computer users.