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City to Inaugurate New Section of Chongqing North Road Bus Lane on Nov. 7

The newly-added section of dedicated bus lane along Chongqing N. RoadTo improve the convenience of Taipei’s public transit and realize a human-centric traffic policy, the city government will inaugurate the new section of Chongqing North Road dedicated bus lane at 5 AM on Saturday, November 7.
The newly-added section is located on the southbound lane of Chongqing North Road, between Minsheng West Road intersection and Nanjing West Road intersection. It connects two loose ends of the bus lane along the major thoroughfare. The added lane will diminish the possibility of buses intermixing with other vehicles on the road, thereby boosting traffic safety and improving public bus operation efficiency.
Chongqing North Road is a major road in Taipei City and accessed by numerous public bus routes. In the past, the bus stops for southbound buses used to be located at the roadside. However, the need for buses to approach and stop at the bus stop for picking up and unloading passengers create problems – especially for buses which turn at the intersection further down the road, inevitably hampering traffic and increasing the risk of accidents.
With the addition of the new section, southbound traffic has been expanded to 5 lanes, with the inner 2 lanes being bus lanes. Cars and scooters use the remaining 3 lanes. The turning directions and traffic light signals will adjust accordingly to ensure smoother turning for buses.
Once the bus lane enters service, a new bus stop/platform Zhaoyang Park (Button Street) will also begin operations between lane 64 and lane 46 intersections of Chongqing North Road. Buses with stops here include 17 city bus routes and 21 intercity buses. Crosswalk to the bus platform include one at the intersection of lane 64 and another one at the intersection of lane 46. The bus stop for buses either heading toward Tianshui Road or right-turning on Nanjing West Road remains at the original location (intersection of lane 16).